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About us

Enim was established in 1990. Our primary business is wholesale electrical goods retailing and distribution.
Our company is specialized for distribution of the following:

  • Electronic components & network solutions TYCO RAYCHEM
  • Electroinstallation products KOPP
  • Cable trunking POLYPROFIL
  • Audio & video accessories SCHWAIGER
  • Hearing aid batteries RAYOVAC

We have a staff of ten employees, our own delivery vehicles and a 100m2 office space plus 500m2 storage room.

Our mission is:

  • satisfy our client’s needs
  • secure long-term company growth and planned revenue
  • secure a high-quality working space for our employees

To realize the above mentioned goals we must place emphasis on the following:

  • retail and distribution of high-quality merchandise, quality of service and low prices
  • a continuous market research with a constant introduction of new programs
  • a continuous control and review of the company’s assets and budget
  • constant business growth and education of our employees
  • quality assurance throughout our company
Sva prava pridržana. Enim d.o.o. 2023.
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